Wellness Support

Peer Counseling

If you struggle with addiction, there is a very good chance you struggle with other issues.  In clinical terms, this is referred to as “dual diagnosis.”  A peer counselor can help you navigate these other issues that are inseparable from your addiction.  A peer counselor is someone who has personally experienced and is in recovery from addiction and/or mental health issues. They can support you in a way that clinical professionals cannot, and at the same time help guide you toward the other resources that you may need.

Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach supports you as you transition from early recovery to long-term wellness.  In one-on-one coaching sessions you explore what wellness looks like to you and work to implement life practices that create and sustain that wellness.  Recovery coaching focuses on ways to live that increase well-being and move you steadily toward a holistically healthy life.  The focus is not on a chronic problem, but on achieving a state of being in which the problem ceases to exist.  If we do our job properly, you will eventually no longer need our support.

Recovery Retreats

A recovery retreat is a chance for you to celebrate and strengthen your recovery over the course of several days in settings of stunning beauty (think west coast road trip)  You will be in the company of a recovery coach/sober companion with a taste for wilderness travel, adventure sports, strength training, yoga, poetry, music, whole foods and endless miles of road-tripping.  The focus is on body in motion, life in motion.  During a recovery retreat you don’t reflect on your recovery as an idea.  You immerse yourself fully in the living/breathing gifts of recovery:  the world and your connection to it.