Sober Companion Support

Live-in companion

Early sobriety is a challenge.  You may struggle with cravings for your drug(s) of choice or default back to the wrong people and places. Particularly if you had a long struggle with addiction, a sober companion in early sobriety can be critical to helping you avoid relapse and keeping you moving forward on your path to recovery.  A live-in sober companion will support you 24/7 until you feel ready to stand on your own again.

Appointment escort

If you have important appointments over a period of time, you may benefit from a sober escort who can help you to stay organized, get to and from your medical appointments, probation appointments – whatever appointments you may have –  and help you be prepared for all of them.  You may also have social events you need or want to attend, but are concerned about being around people drinking and having a little too much fun. In early sobriety, it can be difficult to attend to all the small matters that make up your new life in sobriety.  We can help you.

Travel escort

You may need to get to a treatment center 3,000-miles away.  Or you may need to travel on business or attend Uncle Joe’s’ funeral.  In any situation where you need to travel and arrive sober – and remain sober during your stay – you will be well served by a sober travel escort. We can make  arrangements to travel with you anywhere in the world.