Addiction Crisis Support

Phone and video-conferencing

In an addiction crisis situation you want to gain a sense of control and start moving toward solutions. Your call connects you with the support you need to do that.  We have “lived experience” in addiction crises.  The intensity and chaos can be overwhelming and the sense of losing control can be scary.  Our phone or video-chat support can provide you with the information and guidance necessary to start moving from crisis toward solution.

At-home consultation

If a number of family and friends are actively working to resolve an addiction crisis, it can be very helpful to have a single gathering place for planning and organization  This is particularly true if an intervention is going to be conducted.  If you would prefer a consultation in your home – or any location of your choosing – we can arrange to come to you on short notice.

Hospital and jail visits

Addiction crises commonly lead to hospital beds and jail cells.  In these situations, an involuntary break has been taken from active addiction.  You have a window of opportunity, very often a short one, to help your loved one realize how urgent is their need for change.  We can help you have that conversation.

Treatment Arrangements

It is absolutely critical that you support your loved one in making the best treatment arrangements.  There is much information to consider and the success of early treatment is critical to long-term recovery.   The treatment selection phase is where most people fail to make good decisions and the recovery process is often set in motion for failure.  We help you and your loved one identify recovery options best suited to them as individuals, not the one-size-fits-all options that dominate the treatment industry.  This distinction is critical!  Once a decision has been made  on a particular course of treatment, we work with insurance and treatment facilities to get your loved one admitted as soon as possible.


A well organized intervention is your opportunity to put the love and support of the group into action. Very often the turning point for your loved one in an addiction crisis is when they are confronted by family and friends.  Interventions give you the  opportunity to express your support for your loved one while also expressing the pain their addiction is causing everyone who cares about them.  In this powerful setting, your loved one may experience a breakthrough against their internal resistance and denial and choose to start on a path to recovery.  We organize and conduct interventions to help achieve that breakthrough and to present your loved one with a plan for moving forward.

Sober Companion Support

Live-in companion

Early sobriety is a challenge.  You may struggle with cravings for your drug(s) of choice or default back to the wrong people and places. Particularly if you had a long struggle with addiction, a sober companion in early sobriety can be critical to helping you avoid relapse and keeping you moving forward on your path to recovery.  A live-in sober companion will support you 24/7 until you are in treatment or stable.

Appointment escort

If you have important appointments over a period of time, you may benefit from a sober escort who can help you to stay organized, get to and from your medical appointments, probation appointments – whatever appointments you may have –  and help you be prepared for all of them.  You may also have social events you need or want to attend, but are concerned about being around people drinking and having a little too much fun. In early sobriety, it can be difficult to attend to all the small matters that make up your new life in sobriety.  We can help you.

Travel escort

You may need to get to a treatment center 3,000-miles away.  Or you may need to travel on business or attend Uncle Joe’s’ funeral.  In any situation where you need to travel and arrive sober – and remain sober during your stay – you will be well served by a sober travel escort. We can make  arrangements to travel with you anywhere in the world.

Legal Support

Legal issues management

Addiction very often leads to  legal problems, and greatly lessens your ability to deal with those problems, so they tend to get worse.  It is critical in early recovery to thoroughly identify and manage all your legal issues.  It is very difficult to remain in a recovery-focused mindset when the police are looking for you or your children are no longer allowed to  see you or  the IRS is seizing your property.  We offer you support identifying your legal issues,  preparing a plan for addressing them and coordinating your use of professional legal services.

Court Order Compliance

In early recovery, you may be facing court-ordered requirements and restrictions.  You may be required to  abstain from drugs and alcohol, attend recovery meetings, seek treatment, avoid contact with certain people and numerous other restrictions and/or obligations.  It is essential to your recovery that you remain in good standing with the courts.  We support you in identifying, understanding and remaining in compliance with all court-ordered restrictions and requirements.

Courtroom Advocate

In situations where addiction leads to legal problems, few things can be as helpful as demonstrating to the court that you acknowledge the role of your addiction in the situation and that you have started on the path to recovery. If addiction helped create your legal problems, presenting a solid plan for recovery can help resolve them.  We help you put that plan together and can present it in court as your recovery advocate.

Wellness Support

Peer Counseling

If you struggle with addiction, there is a very good chance you struggle with other issues.  In clinical terms, this is referred to as “dual diagnosis.”  A peer counselor can help you navigate these other issues that are inseparable from your addiction.  A peer counselor is someone who has personally experienced and is in recovery from addiction and/or mental health issues. They can support you in a way that clinical professionals cannot, and at the same time help guide you toward the other resources that you may need.

Recovery Coaching

A recovery coach supports you as you transition from early recovery to long-term wellness.  In one-on-one coaching sessions you explore what wellness looks like to you and work to implement life practices that create and sustain that wellness.  Recovery coaching focuses on ways to live that increase well-being and move you steadily toward a holistically healthy life.  The focus is not on a chronic problem, but on achieving a state of being in which the problem ceases to exist.  If we do our job properly, you will eventually no longer need our support.

Recovery Retreats

A recovery retreat is a chance for you to celebrate and strengthen your recovery over the course of several days in settings of stunning beauty (think west coast road trip)  You will be in the company of a recovery coach/sober companion with a taste for wilderness travel, adventure sports, strength training, yoga, poetry, music, whole foods and endless miles of road-tripping.  The focus is on body in motion, life in motion.  During a recovery retreat you don’t reflect on your recovery as an idea.  You immerse yourself fully in the living/breathing gifts of recovery:  the world and your connection to it.