Legal Support

Legal issues management

Addiction very often leads to  legal problems, and greatly lessens your ability to deal with those problems, so they tend to get worse.  It is critical in early recovery to thoroughly identify and manage all your legal issues.  It is very difficult to remain in a recovery-focused mindset when the police are looking for you or your children are no longer allowed to  see you or  the IRS is seizing your property.  We offer you support identifying your legal issues,  preparing a plan for addressing them and coordinating your use of professional legal services.

Court Order Compliance

In early recovery, you may be facing court-ordered requirements and restrictions.  You may be required to  abstain from drugs and alcohol, attend recovery meetings, seek treatment, avoid contact with certain people and numerous other restrictions and/or obligations.  It is essential to your recovery that you remain in good standing with the courts.  We support you in identifying, understanding and remaining in compliance with all court-ordered restrictions and requirements.

Courtroom Advocate

In situations where addiction leads to legal problems, few things can be as helpful as demonstrating to the court that you acknowledge the role of your addiction in the situation and that you have started on the path to recovery. If addiction helped create your legal problems, presenting a solid plan for recovery can help resolve them.  We help you put that plan together and can present it in court as your recovery advocate.