Addiction Crisis Support

Phone and video-conferencing

In an addiction crisis situation you want to gain a sense of control and start moving toward solutions. Your call connects you with the support you need to do that.  We have “lived experience” in addiction crises.  The intensity and chaos can be overwhelming and the sense of losing control can be scary.  Our phone or video-chat support can provide you with the information and guidance necessary to start moving from crisis toward solution.

At-home consultation

If a number of family and friends are actively working to resolve an addiction crisis, it can be very helpful to have a single gathering place for planning and organization  This is particularly true if an intervention is going to be conducted.  If you would prefer a consultation in your home – or any location of your choosing – we can arrange to come to you on short notice.

Hospital and jail visits

Addiction crises commonly lead to hospital beds and jail cells.  In these situations, an involuntary break has been taken from active addiction.  You have a window of opportunity, very often a short one, to help your loved one realize how urgent is their need for change.  We can help you have that conversation.

Treatment Arrangements

It is absolutely critical that you support your loved one in making the best treatment arrangements.  There is much information to consider and the success of early treatment is critical to long-term recovery.   The treatment selection phase is where most people fail to make good decisions and the recovery process is often set in motion for failure.  We help you and your loved one identify recovery options best suited to them as individuals, not the one-size-fits-all options that dominate the treatment industry.  This distinction is critical! Once a decision has been made  on a particular course of treatment, we work with insurance and treatment facilities to get your loved one admitted as soon as possible.


A well organized intervention is your opportunity to put the love and support of the group into action. Very often the turning point for your loved one in an addiction crisis is when they are confronted by family and friends.  Interventions give you the  opportunity to express your support for your loved one while also expressing the pain their addiction is causing everyone who cares about them.  In this powerful setting, your loved one may experience a breakthrough against their internal resistance and denial and choose to start on a path to recovery.  We organize and conduct interventions to help achieve that breakthrough and to present your loved one with a plan for moving forward.